Paige & Zach: Surprise Engagement

Paige and I go way back, like a decade or so. Needless to say, when her now husband to-be asked me to tag along for his surprisingly elaborate proposal, I was all about it. We traveled out to his friends farm where we were to check out some baby cows (a favorite of hers) before pumpkin-patching later in the day. At the farm, one lucky little calf had its ear tagged with the words of proposal, and it was just a matter of time as Paige made her way down the line of calves and Zach got down and waited on one knee as her back was turned to him. When she arrived and read the words "Will you marry me?", she spun around in a tearful flurry and managed to mutter "Is this for real?" a time or two. Not a bad way to spend a day.