Mick and Becky are Expecting!

It's always exciting to see the exuberance on the faces of expecting parents. Mick and Becky have taken their first steps towards adding one more to their family; whether their dog is ready for it or not! It looks like things are going to be getting pretty hectic. Mick, Becky, get some sleep while you can.

Tori & Ben's Woodsy Baby Shower

There's no doubt that Tori's exquisite taste made this rustic, woodsy-themed baby shower one of the most beautiful that I've ever seen. The Ehler's welcomed "Baby E" in style and there were plenty there to celebrate in the joyous occasion with them.

Elite Chiropractic: Not Business as Usual

Dr. Scott Nigbor has recently started his chiropractic practice in the up-and-coming Prairie Lakes business complex of Sun Prairie. Within months, business was thriving and Scott was meeting more and more amazing families each day. Now, he finds himself busier than ever, and couldn't be more happy about it. 

Russell & Tatum Around the House

When the grass is still buried beneath about a half a foot of snow, home visits become all about the indoors. It was slow going at first; Tatum was an absolute doll, but Russell kept things interesting by hiding behind mom. Once he warmed up, he really warmed up, even with that cheesy, toothy grin of his!

Adam's 1st Birthday

We made our way out to Milwaukee to visit the Vineburgs and their little peanut, Adam. There's no better way to celebrate your first birthday than being surrounded by loving friends and family, oh, and with plenty of cake and treats as well! Happy birthday, Adam!

Hazel's First Photoshoot

Devil's Lake State Park is always a great spot for photos, especially come fall. With the leaves changing colors and the air becoming crisp, it's easy to get lost in the season. The Bergs met us out at the park for a chance to meet Hazel and get some adorable family pictures before the temperatures get too low.

The Doyle's Fall Photoshoot

Fall is finally upon us and the Doyle family is taking full advantage of it with a gorgeous shoot at Astico Park. You've got all the makings of a great session: fall colors, metal bridge, pier over the water, and a super cute family with the dog in tow. It also never hurts when the youngest has enough personality for everyone.

Omari's First Birthday!

We met up with Katie and Wilton at the apple orchard a few weeks a go and we had a blast doing a bit of celebrating for their adorable son Omari's first birthday. Sure it was a little buggy out, but the sun was shining and there was cake at the end of it all. Not a bad day.

Keeping Up with the Morrisons

After Jill and Blaise got in touch with me to photograph their wedding, I knew instantly that we were going to hit it off. My fiancé and I became friends with them quickly and made time to hang out when we could. They are some of the most incredible people I've ever met and it was truly an honor to be able to spend their wedding day with them.

Vera's First (Cup)Cake Smash

Little Vera has been one of my best clients, even if she only pays me in drool and hair-pulls. She started out as a little chunk of a baby and well, she hasn't really changed all that much while making her way into toddlerhood. I've been working with the Brandt family for a while and I'm overjoyed to keep seeing them time and time again.

The Zimmerman Farm

It was just recently that we met up with the Zimmerman family to take some quaint family photos at their farm in the lovely Wisconsin countryside. With the blistering morning heat already beaming down on us, the family were working quickly to avoid any further farmer's tans as the kids (and myself) got continuously sweaty. But even with all that, they were still a blast to work with and they've got some great photos to remember the day by.

The Vineburgs and Their 9-Month Old

I've worked with the Vineburgs on a number of occasions this point and I couldn't ask for a better group. Their little Adam celebrated nine long months not too long ago and we were able to take a handful of pictures showing off how damn cute they all are. We made our way to Milwaukee and hit the parks for a nice session in the shade on the water's edge. 

A Morning at the Casper's Farm

I admire early risers. It's never been my strong suit, and especially not my assistant/fiance's. But when you know that you'll be spending the morning taking pictures for a family as cute as the Caspers, it really takes the edge off. We made it out to there gorgeous farm and instantly started chasing the kids around the yard. Whether we were trying not to be run over by electric four-wheelers or avoiding tire swings, you can definitely count on us having had a good time.

Sunday with the Brandts

There are few better ways to spend a Sunday than with friends. Eric, Andrea, Stella and Vera are one of the cutest families on the planet, so a photoshoot was too good to pass up. We made our way to a quiet part of Milwaukee and settled down in a little, tucked away park. With plenty of sass on hand, both Stella and her little sister Vera made for some of my most adorable models yet. Did I mention that they are the cutest family ever? 

Adam Keeps Getting Cuter

Some of my favorite customers are back, the Vineburgs. This time, little Adam is well beyond a newborn and just keeps on getting cuter. I was commissioned to get a handful of pictures to commemorate Adam hitting the 6-month mark and we had an absolute blast doing it. Per usual, Sammy (the dog) was getting very jealous of all the attention his little brother was getting, so of course getting him to sit still for some family photos was all to entertaining. 

A Yuletide Engagement

My older brother decided that there was no better time than Christmas morning to propose to his long-time girlfriend. Now finance and wife-to-be, she and him decided that a winter engagement shoot was a perfect way to celebrate and knock out a save-the-date image all at once. Two birds with one stone for these lovebirds.

Hippies on the Lake

It wasn't all that long ago that my mother-in-law told me about this cute little vegan that she worked with and who just so happened to be getting married in the upcoming year. After doing a great job of pimping out my services and a few short emails later, I was out of the house and ready to talk wedding. Jill and Blaise were so excited to get the ball rolling on their wedding and I was just as pumped to be a part of it. After long conversations and some great vegan cheese bread, we were out on the lake to get some save-the-dates photos done. Watery eyes and a wicked wind chill aside, this was one of the funnest shoots I've done, and it doesn't hurt to have a couple as goddamn adorable as these two hippies.

And Adam Makes Three...

There's nothing better than a repeat customer, especially when they are as down to Earth and cool as Sari and Mike. After some much needed time parenting their baby, I was given the chance to pay the happy family a visit and take some photographs of them and their new addition. Even Grandma and Grandpa stopped by. Of course, their first child (dog) Sammy took a little time getting used to sharing the spotlight, but they are a wildly cute bunch nonetheless. 

World, Meet Rowan

There is no off-season when it comes to babies. With nine months or so to prepare, mothers are always looking to document the the cute little whipper-snappers. This, being the first time I've done a baby photoshoot, was a pretty great learning experience. As far as babies go, Stefanie's little Rowan was very well behaved and easy enough to work with, better than some adults in fact. Plenty of fun and lots of little blankets and heaters are in my future.

Taking on Fall with the Gibsons

It was at a going away party that I got to chatting with Katie, Kyle and their little Owen about family pictures. With a great fall backdrop and some of the most photogenic people I've met all in one frame, there was little to get in the way of a great family session. Even the dog, Ollie, was more than happy to cooperate (thanks to some clever snack bribery). This is what a truly happy family looks like.